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30-day challenge!

2011-01-20 22:57:38 by PinkRose11

Imma do this as soon as I finish my project! W00t!
(found this on sombody elses profile so I copied it!)

1. Yourself or your persona.
2. Someone you like (celebrity, significant other, or crush)
3. One, some, or all of your friends.
4. An animal you think is really cute.
5. Your favourite outfit.
6. Something you've never drawn before.
7. Your family or a family member.
8. Something with your favourite colour.
9. Your favourite cartoon/anime character.
10. Something you couldn't live without.
11. Your favourite food.
12. An inanimate object.
13. A group picture.
14. Your favourite book character.
15. Someone from your favourite board or video game.
16. Something that represents your favourite song.
17. Your favourite holiday.
18. A couple (any two people).
19. Something you're afraid of.
20. A comic.
21. Something you don't like.
22. Your favourite season.
23. Something that makes you happy.
24. Something that represents your favourite culture/country/language.
25. Someone or something from mythology.
26. Your favourite sweet food/candy/etc.
27. Your favourite scene from a movie.
28. A room.
29. Your favourite weather.
30. Something you'd like to share with your followers or friends.


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2011-01-20 23:40:58

lol, you saw this too? too bad I suck at drawing, and I'm too lazy to do it, otherwise I would probably take a crack at it.

PinkRose11 responds:

No! At least try! Do itt!!


2011-01-23 18:27:34

Ohhhhhhhh so THATS what that thing is that everyones doing?? o.o

PinkRose11 responds:

Huh? I dont think its a big thing